Where OFRM lawyers can mediate your legal dispute, assisting agreement to be reached either to avoid court proceedsing or to finalise court proceedings early.

At this stage, OFRM only mediates disputes where each party is independently represented by their own lawyer.

If instead you want OFRM to represent you, click through to Family Law, Business Law or Estates.

Family Law Mediation

As the family law court system faces lengthy delays, finding a better way to reach a fair agreement is essential. One of the best ways to resolve property disputes is through mediation.

Accredited Specialist Marika McMahon is an experienced and successful mediator able to assist parties, with their lawyers, to reach agreement.

Marika is more than a family lawyer. With her extensive board and community experience, Marika brings her skills and knowledge gained through leadership in complex and difficult areas. Having practised law in Bendigo for all of her career, Marika is particularly useful as a mediator in disputes involving farms and other family businesses.

Marika completed mediation training through the Bond University Dispute Resolution Centre and has been mediating family law property matters for over 15 years.

Mediation space

What happens at an OFRMediation

There are two approaches to mediation with OFRMediation:

  • Comprehensive mediation
  • Concentrated Mediation

Comprehensive Mediation
OFRMediation’s comprehensive mediation is the ideal form of mediation where there are complex asset structures, difficult legal issues or multiple parties.

Comprehensive mediation includes:

  • Preparation for the mediation by reading all relevant background material and court documents
  • Meeting with each party and their lawyer prior to the mediation session
  • A whole day mediation (10am to 4pm)

Concentrated Mediation
Concentrated mediation involves the parties providing background information and court documents to the mediator prior to the mediation, but does not involve the mediator meeting with the parties prior. A half day is allocated for mediation.

Concentrated mediation includes:

  • Preparation for the mediation by reading all relevant background material and court documents
  • Half day mediation – either 10am to 1pm or 2pm to 5pm

Ideal mediation facilities

At OFRMediation we have purpose built mediation facilities including a large conference room for combined sessions, with internet and audio visual access, and private meeting rooms.

Our venue in the centre of Bendigo is close to all day parking and has full disabled access.

All mediations include tea, coffee, morning and afternoon tea.

Ease of booking

Often the juggle of the logistics of arranging mediation can be a deterrent to choosing mediation. There is no need to worry about that with OFRMediation as we will do most of the organising for you. Simply have one of the lawyers involved complete our online form below and we will liaise with all parties to organise a suitable time.

So, what does it cost?

Mediation is a cost effective way of reaching agreement compared to the cost of taking matters further in the court system. It is our experience that in the few matters that don’t settle at OFRMediation, the process is valuable to narrow the issues in dispute.