When choosing the right lawyer for your matter you want to make sure that the lawyer you select has the appropriate skills, knowledge and expertise. The Accredited Specialisation scheme for lawyers operates nationally to accredit those lawyers who achieve the standard of being specialists in their field. To become an Accredited Specialist a lawyer needs to:

  • have passed a rigorous examination process which tests not only their knowledge of the law but also their skills in dealing with clients and drafting documents
  • have demonstrated a high level of skill and commitment in their area of specialisation
  • engage in continual professional development to keep up with the latest developments

O’Farrell Robertson McMahon enthusiastically supports the Specialisation scheme, particularly as it is a great way of reassuring our clients that they can receive the highest quality legal services here in Bendigo and Central Victoria.

Our Accredited Specialists

We currently have 3 accredited specialists.

Further information on Accredited Specialists can be found in the Law Institute of Victoria's What is an Accredited Specialist? brochure (PDF).