You can book an appointment to see one of our lawyers without the need for a phone call. Choose how we can help, select a time and provide some basic details. We will contact you if we need anything more before the appointment.

Family Law

Family Law Settlement - Initial Interview

When a relationship ends, it is vital that you swiftly receive advice from an experienced family lawyer who can provide advice tailored to your individual circumstances.

At an initial family law appointment at OFRM you will meet with one of our family lawyers (your choice of who) for 45 minutes to an hour. During that time, the lawyer will take the time to understand your particular circumstances, what issues are particularly worrying you and what are your priorities.

Our family lawyer will then use their knowledge and expertise to advise you of what would be a likely outcome in your family law matter and the best way of achieving the right result for you as easily, quickly and inexpensively as possible. This includes explaining the options to you and devising with you what would be the best next steps.

In that initial appointment we will also discuss with you the likely costs, options available for the payment and agree with you what needs to be done immediately. Often, it will be a matter of you considering that advice though sometimes immediate steps need to be taken to protect your position.

The fee of $450 for that initial appointment includes our lawyer meeting with you and then providing written confirmation to you of the matters discussed, including next steps. It is payable on the day.

Family Violence

If you need representation in court or just advice regarding being an applicant or respondent for an intervention order or personal safety order, click here to make an appointment with Tom Wolff.

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Wills & Powers of Attorney

Wills & Powers of Attorney with Accredited Specialist Russell Robertson

During the initial interview Russell will work with you to understand your particular circumstances, your assets and general financial circumstances, and what are the things you believe are important for your will.

With that information Russell will be able to guide you to make the decisions for your will including who should be your executor.

Wills & Powers of Attorney (Lawyer)

During an initial interview your lawyer will obtain your background history, your understanding of your assets and liabilities and provide advice to you as to what is required for the most effective will in your circumstances.

Signing appointment

Once you're happy with your draft Will & Powers of Attorney you can make an appointment to sign them in the presence of your lawyer. We will have everything ready for you on the day.


Estates & Probate

When death casts its shadow, you want to be guided empathetically and sensitively through the steps that need to be taken to deal with the Estate of your loved one.

In most cases, an Estate is about understanding the legal implications of the will and wishes of the deceased person and implementing them. OFRM can guide you through that process meaning you can look after the other things like remembering your loved one.

Sadly sometimes an estate can bring out issues that need to be resolved. At OFRM we can assist you in resolving such matters, whether through timely advice, negotiation, mediation or litigation in the courts.


Ready to sell

Ready to sell and move on. Our lawyers can help you prepare all necessary documentation for a quick sale.

Just bought?

If you have just bought a new property our conveyancing team is ready to make this important purchase as simple as possible.

Verification of Identity

Once you have your documents at hand, we'll be able to complete your VOI in under 20 minutes.

Business Law

Assisting your business

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