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Can you make a will if you do not have testamentary capacity?

Can you make a will if you do not have testamentary capacity?

It is a fundamental principal that a person must have testamentary capacity to make a valid Will. Basically this means:

  • You must understand the nature and effect of making a Will.
  • You must be able to recall the nature and extent of your assets.
  • You should be able to weigh up all of the factors that the average person would normally bring to mind when considering a Will.
  • You must not be suffering from a medical condition which prevents you from considering the above factors.

If there is some doubt about a person’s capacity or that could be an issue it is an excellent idea to obtain a medical report at the time of making the Will. In certain circumstances, the opinion of a specialist medical practitioner such as a neuropsychologist might be appropriate.

Should a person lack the ability to make a valid Will then the Supreme Court has the power to make a Will for that person if it can be satisfied that the proposed Will accurately reflects the likely intentions of the person. Applications to the Supreme Court for approval of a Statutory Will are not common. Statutory Wills can be made for a person who has never had the capacity to make a Will or they can be made for a person who had capacity but through illness or injury, has subsequently lost the ability to make a Will.

The Court will need to consider the wishes of any person who might reasonably be affected of the making of a Court approved Will.

The difficulties around testamentary capacity are a vital reason why you should make a Will when you are fit and healthy.

The possibility of a Supreme Court will is a good reason why those with a loved one who doesn’t have testamentary capacity should seek specific advice about whether such an application is appropriate.

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