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Show me the money - what to do when an Executor won't keep you informed

Show me the money - what to do when an Executor won't keep you informed

"I’m due to receive an inheritance from my great aunt who passed away recently and have spoken to the Executor who refuses to tell me anything about where the Estate is at. While I have a copy of the inventory this doesn’t tell me what’s be paid for, or if all of the assets have been collected. I am not sure how I can find out how the Estate’s money has been spent."

Executors are required to keep proper financial records of a deceased person’s Estate. This includes keeping receipts, details of payments and keeping details of distributions made. If as a beneficiary you feel that the Executor is not keeping you properly informed you are entitled to request that the Supreme Court seek accounts of the administration of the Estate of the deceased.

An Executor has a duty to provide the Court “true and just account” for the administration of an Estate when requested to do so, however, in most Estates it is not necessary for accounts to be filed with the Court.

The Executor will then receive a request from the Court to provide an accounting for the Estate explaining how funds have been spent.

Executors have an obligation to keep beneficiaries informed. If you think you may be in this position I strongly encourage you to speak to one of our Will & Powers of Attorney team by calling 03 5445 1000.