When illness or death strikes a family, having your affairs in order can make a world of difference alleviating stress in a time when emotions are stretched.

For peace of mind, you want to make sure you and your family members have your affairs in order by having an up to date will and both a medical treatment and financial enduring Power of Attorney.

In preparing your Will with a member of the OFRM Wills and Estate team we will work with you to understand your current circumstances, assist you reflecting on how your finances and assets are currently structured and what legacy you would like to leave. By having OFRM assist you preparing your Will.

We will be able to ensure your will is validly executed and guide you in making the right choices to minimise the risk of your will being challenged.

Our Wills and Estate team at OFRM is led by Accredited Wills and Estate Specialist Russell Robertson. Russell’s expertise is particularly useful in the more difficult situations for will-making: where there are complex assets to be considered, where you have repartnered, where there is a family business to be considered. Russell enjoys working with you and your financial advisors if applicable to ensure well structured estate planning for you and your wider family.

More information on Wills can be found in the free guidebook, Your Future, Your Will (PDF).

Do you have an existing will? Is it up-to-date?

If you have an existing will that you haven't updated for a while, now is the time to review it for any necessary changes.

Visit Update Your Will to for a handy checklist of life changes that may have put your will out of date.

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Powers of Attorney

If by a cruel twist of fate you suddenly became incapable of attending to your financial affairs an Enduring Power of Attorney can alleviate a great deal of worry for your loved ones, allowing them to manage your finances for you. By consulting OFRM to have your Financial Power of Attorney prepared we can work with you to make sure your Power of Attorney is properly made and you have taken into consideration the many factors relevant in selecting the best person to be your Attorney.

A medical treatment Power of Attorney is a vital document which OFRM strongly advises every adult to have in place. While none of us want to ponder too much being in a situation where you need it, turning your mind to making sure your wishes are known and able to be implemented is a wise step to take now.

More information on Powers of Attorney can be found in our Enduring Powers of Attorney Guide (PDF).

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