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Thinking of separating?

Thinking of separating?

The end of a relationship is a terrible time. For some, it comes out of the blue. For others it's a "slow creeper" or it might be something that just builds to a crescendo over time.

Whatever the circumstances, it is never easy.

However, the vast majority of our clients have some inkling that "the end is nigh". If at all possible, getting legal advice as to what might happen if you separate is a very valuable step. Much more effective than waiting until you have moved out before getting that advice.

Like everything we do as lawyers, someone seeking advice from us before they separate — or just in case — is highly confidential. One of the great benefits we have found from our offices now located at Level 1, 35 Queen Street is that the discreet entrance and private interview rooms mean that you can be comfortable meeting with us.

If we meet with you before you separate, we are able to give you a good idea of what would be the likely outcome of any property settlement, the appropriate arrangements for children and what to do before you separate to try and make the process as smooth as possible.

In particular, we can identify for you documents you may wish to obtain or retain before you separate, supports you can obtain to help you and advice on how to approach the discussions you may need to have.

Sometimes we meet with someone who thinks they might separate and they are then able to resurrect the relationship. For us, that is a good outcome to — it is fulfilling work to know that you have pointed someone in the direction of how they can make their life better. Often those discussions centre on thinking about the financial repercussions of separation and the things that could be done — like counselling, mediation and so on — to improve relationships.

For those that will continue with separation — seeking early advice helps both calm their mind as well as developing a strategy of how to sort things out. Sometimes, there are issues that are made more difficult by not thinking of them earlier.