Based on the information you have provided we see that you do not fit into one of the Verification of Identity categories where we can identify you by your documentation alone.

Are you an Australian citizen or resident?

We may be able to verify you using an Identifier Declaration where another person who has known you for 12 months or more is able to confirm your identity. That person must themselves be verified with their own documentation in the same interview as you and may not be your relative.

As the requirements differ for this type of verification please call us on 03 5445 1000 for more information.

At a minimum you will require:

  • A Medicare, Centrelink or Department of Veterans' Affairs Card
  • Change of name or marriage certificate if necessary
  • Your full birth, citizen or descent certificate unless the person identifying you is any of:
    • an Australian Legal Practitioner
    • a Bank Manager
    • a Community Leader
    • a Court Officer
    • a Doctor
    • a Land Council Officeholder
    • a Licensed Conveyancer
    • a Local Government Officeholder
    • a Nurse
    • a Public Servant
    • a Police Officer

All documents must be originals. Certified copies or photocopies cannot be accepted.

Are you a non-Australian citizen or resident?

Sadly we will be unable to verify your identity to the required standard with the documentation you have indicated.

Check again

If you'd like to check again or are just one party of multiple needing verification, please enter further details below.

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