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When should you organise a Vendor Statement (Section 32)

When should you organise a Vendor Statement (Section 32)

I explained in a previous article just what a Vendor’s statement (also known as a section 32) is and what it explains to the prospective buyer of your property.

When is the right time to organise the Vendor’s statement for the sale of your property?

It’s rare that someone sells their property on the spur of the moment, usually it is planned well in advance because you are upgrading, building, moving town, changing investments or so on. However, often people leave getting a vendor statement until they have the first offer.

These days, using technology we are able to produce a vendor’s statement within 24 hours but sometimes it may be more complex and require a bit more work. That’s why you should be getting in touch when you first decide to sell. You don’t need to wait until you have the cupboards decluttered or the agent chosen, give us a call and we can start the process rolling to have a vendor’s statement ready as soon as you need it.

While you are getting the property ready for sale, we can gather the relevant information from you and obtain the searches you need for a property settlement. This is particularly handy if there is something you need to follow up, a common one being proof of building or other approvals.

Thinking of selling? Give us a call on 03 5445 1000 to get the ball rolling on your Vendor Statement.