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Why is it suggested I measure my new property?

Why is it suggested I measure my new property?

When purchasing real estate your lawyer will recommend that you measure the dimensions of the property to check that the measurements and boundaries of the property correspond with the measurements shown on the plan of the property.

Some people say I don’t have time to measure the property and I don’t have any concerns so I just won’t bother. However there are a couple of good reasons as to why you should take the time to measure.

One of the reasons you should measure property that you intend to purchase is that it will ensure you have properly identified the property. By measuring the property and checking the actual measurements against those shown on the title, you are confirming that the property as described in the Contract of Sale matches the property you think you are purchasing. Although it may be unlikely that someone would purchase the wrong property, consider a new subdivision where the only thing separating each block from the next are marker pegs. By measuring the block you are confirming that you are purchasing the block you want, not the block next door.

Measuring the property also determines exactly how much land you are purchasing. What if a fence has been erected inside the correct boundaries, or the current owner is using a reserve at the back of the property making the property appear bigger than it really is? By measuring the property you will be able to confirm exactly what you are purchasing and it will also highlight any discrepancies before it is too late.

How do I measure my property?

Your lawyer will provide you with a copy of the plan of the property so that you can check the measurements and boundaries are accurate. If you are confident enough you can arrange with the agent to have access to the property in order to measure yourself. Alternatively, you can have a surveyor measure the property for you.