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Where do I keep my will and who should I tell?

Where do I keep my will and who should I tell?

Your Will is a very important document and like the title to your house should be kept in a place that is secure, unlikely to be damaged by liquids, drawn on or mistaken for the place to write down the shopping list.

The safest place to keep your original Will is at your lawyer’s office. Our office has a secure and fireproof room where wills are kept and kept in a manner that means they are acceptable to the Supreme Court.

You should also keep a copy of your Will with your other important documents.

You should tell your Executors the location of the original will and advise them that you have appointed them as your executor. You may also want to tell them where you are keeping a copy of you Will and other important details they may need.

In addition to your Executors some people like to tell their children or other significant beneficiaries the location of their Will and who they have appointed as executors, however there is no obligation on you to do this.

It is very rare that anyone needs to know the content of your Will in advance. If you choose to disclose the content of the Will, you can do this but there is no obligation on you to do so. All your Executor needs to know is the location of the Will and that you have chosen them as your Executor.

If you need any further information regarding these important steps please contact one of our Will & Powers of Attorney team to discuss by phoning 5445 1000. For clients who have their will done with us, storage in our office is a free service.