The information provided below is general in nature and should not be relied upon legal advice. You should call 03 5445 1000 and speak to a lawyer at OFRM about your particular circumstances.

How can I save on my family law legal costs?

Gee that got your attention didn’t it! Even though family law matters can often be difficult, and even though they can require a lot of analysis and preparation to make sure you get the right result, it is always possible for you to save on your legal costs by making sure you provide as much relevant information as possible to us — and in an ordered logical manner.

As regular readers of this blog would know, to figure out what is a fair settlement for you takes into consideration how each party has contributed to the acquisition, conservation and improvement of the assets and resources as well as understanding what are the future needs of the parties. All of this also hinges on understanding what are the assets and liabilities you have to divide.

Prior to your first appointment at OFRM we provide to you a list of relevant documents for you to bring, if possible, to your first appointment. Sometimes the circumstances of separation don’t allow easy access to such information but if it is possible, it will save you money as it enables us to provide more accurate advice — which often leads to an easier and quicker settlement.

If your matter proceeds into court, at various stages of the court process you will be required to exchange with the other party relevant current and historical documents. Being able to locate and collate them quickly will save you costs.

Another very handy tool for you to provide to your family lawyer is a chronology — a history setting out what has occurred in your relationship. In property matters this will focus on the financial matters and the contributions made by each of you. In matters regarding the arrangements for children this will focus more on matters regarding the children and the parenting roles of each of you.

As family lawyers we love it when working with clients who can be this organised. It allows us to not waste your time and money doing tasks you could complete yourself. It also means we get to spend our time doing the things you need — applying our legal skills and knowledge to your matter and spending time with you so you understand and are involved in achieving the right result.