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When's the right time to see a family lawyer?

When's the right time to see a family lawyer?

No doubt it is a daunting time for someone to take the step to see a Family Lawyer, just picking up that phone to make the appointment can involve a range of emotions – a recognition that a relationship might be over, the sadness, the hurt, sometimes even anger and resentment.

Sometimes it might be a situation that is not of your making, a new life path that isn't what you planned.

However, making sure you get the right advice at the right time can be invaluable in setting the course for your new life.

Our experience is that people who get advice early benefit by understanding how family law concepts may be applied to their individual circumstances. Often this means we are meeting with people who are only considering the possibility of separating. Sometimes that means we see people once but the relationship then gets back on track.

What would be a fair and reasonable outcome in a family law matter – whether it be regarding kids or property – will vary from case to case depending on a number of different factors.

At an initial appointment with you, we will go through the relevant factors and background to get a good idea of what will be the particular issues in your matter. In most cases this will enable us to give you a good idea of what would be the likely outcome as well as advice regarding how to maximise the likelihood of receiving that outcome in a timely manner with minimal cost and stress

So, you don’t have to wait until you have gone your separate ways to talk to a family lawyer. In fact, obtaining advice before you go your separate ways may mean you can negotiate a settlement more smoothly.