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Planning not just for death but for illness

Planning not just for death but for illness

The other day in our office (our lovely new offices at 1st floor 35 Queen St Bendigo) we were having a chat among our lawyers about why people really should have medical treatment powers of attorney. 

In some ways, making a will can be easier than turning your mind to what would happen if decisions needed to be made by someone else regarding your medical treatment.

Advances in medical treatment mean that such difficult decisions are encountered more often. We need to not only just think about what we want to have happen when we die but also "end of life planning". The medical treatment power of attorney can ensure that the right person makes decisions about your treatment and the cessation of treatment. While that piece of paper is a valuable step to take, focusing your mind on what you would want to have happen and having that conversation with your loved ones is a step everyone should take.

One of the things that it is important to include in that discussion is your thoughts about organ donation. While we are passionate about organ donation, we respect that some people are not comfortable with the concept. Whatever your thoughts, you should think about it, share your wishes with your family and register if you want to donate your organs (insert link)

there's no doubt that thinking about these issues are sometimes uncomfortable ones to consider but the sense of relief once you have it ticked off your list.

Of course, our wills and estate team including Russell Robertson can guide you considering your wills,powers of attorney and other end of life and estate planning issues.