How OFRM uses Dropbox to share files with you

At times during a matter we may need to share files with you. Where possible these will be emailed to your nominated email address, however when the number and size of files to be shared makes email infeasible (for us as the sender, and you as the receiver of the files) we will share files using Dropbox.

Dropbox is reliable, secure and stable method for sharing files via the Internet.

What happens when we share files with you?

There are only a few steps involved in sharing files with you.

  1. Our team will identify the files to share and copy them to a folder unique to your matter on Dropbox. It's important for you to know this is not a publically discoverable folder and that outside of our office can only be accessed by the link emailed to you.
  2. We will email you a link to the Dropbox folder containing your matter's files.
  3. You simply click the link to view the files we have shared with you via your preferred web browser.
  4. As an optional step, you can download a copy of the files to your computer (individually or combined as a zip file), or if you are an existing Dropbox user, download a copy to your personal Dropbox.

How secure is the link you sent me?

The link sent to you is randomly generated by Dropbox and unique to the folder we have shared with you.

Can other people see my files?

Should you suspect a security breach, call OFRM on 03 5445 1000 immediately and we will delete the files.

The files shared with you are accessed via the link provided in the email. If you forward that link to another person, or your email's security is compromised and the link accessed, your files will be accessible by another.

Files downloaded to your computer can be seen by anyone with access to your computer.

Files downloaded to your personal Dropbox can be seen by anyone with access to your Dropbox account, or any computers or devices that you run Dropbox on (including your phone or tablet if the Dropbox app is present).

Differences between the email link method of sharing and standard Dropbox sharing

Dropbox has a method for sharing folders between existing Dropbox users that allows all users with access to modify, delete and create files and for the changes to be synchronised between all users' computers. We are not using that method. Instead we are providing a link to a copy of the files for you to access.

Can I modify the files?

You can modify your own copy of the files once you have saved them to your computer. We will not see any changes you make unless you email them back to us. Refer to the previous point for more explanation.

What if OFRM modifies the files?

If we modify any files those changes will be reflected in the versions that you can see on Dropbox via the link. Likewise, if we add or delete files, those changes will be reflected in Dropbox. This means that via the link you will always see the latest version of the complete set of files that have been shared for your matter.

If you have downloaded a copy of the files to your personal Dropbox, those changes will not be reflected until you download again via the link.

Are the files shared forever?

All files shared via Dropbox will be deleted at the conclusion of your matter. At this point the email link will no longer work. Any copies that you have downloaded will remain on your computer/devices.

We may from time-to-time remove some or all of the shared files during the course of your matter as its conduct requires.

Further information

The official Dropbox Help is extensive and should assist you with most Dropbox queries. There is a section dedicated to sharing.

You may also call or email David Buchan (our Finance & Administration Manager) who looks after Dropbox at OFRM on 03 5445 1041 or