Whatever your circumstances, buying or selling property is one of life’s biggest transactions.

You want to make sure the legal requirements are perfectly completed, on time and with a minimum amount of stress to you — leaving you with plenty of time to pack and plan for your new property.

Our conveyancing team at O’Farrell Robertson McMahon led by Mark O’Farrell can take the worry away, their calm and organised manner ensuring that your property transactions are effortless.

The team can assist you with:

  • Buying and selling residential property whether for your own home or an investment property
  • Buying and selling land
  • Subdivisions
  • Transfers of land between family members
  • Sale and purchase of water shares
  • Leases

Electronic Conveyancing

At OFRM we prefer to complete your property transaction whether it be buying, selling or a transfer following a family law property settlement online through PEXA

PEXA is the Australian online settlement process which enables your property transaction to be arranged and settled between banks and lawyers online. The e-conveyancing process replaces settlement being organised through phone calls and letters and us having to physically attend a meeting with all the other parties to conduct the settlement.

With PEXA, the settlement time is arranged online, all the documents arranged and checked online before the settlement and then the transfer of money happens electronically.

What are the advantages of e-conveyancing?

  • easier for you with less documents for you to sign
  • money is transferred electronically so no delays waiting for cheques to clear
  • avoids the risk of manual processing causing errors
  • makes it much easier to deal with banks involved which will reduce the potential of settlement being delayed
  • all parties check the documents prior to settlement reducing the risk of delayed settlement
  • the registration of the transfer onto the property title is immediate
  • no need for bank cheques to take to settlement
  • much more secure to have the money and documents transferred electronically rather than us walking the streets with titles and cheques
  • online avoids settlement being dependent upon post which can be very slow these days

You will need to sign an authority for us to complete the transaction through PEXA, which includes authorising us to sign the transfer on your behalf. As long as the banks involved and the lawyer for the other side are on PEXA the transaction will then take place as an econveyancing transaction.

Our Conveyancing Team

Contact any of our Conveyancing team on 03 5445 1000 to discuss your conveyancing matters further.

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